MODcol® Spring® Columns


● Easy,Fast and Safe Column Packing up to 150 mm iD

● Improve Chromatographic Performance

● Extend Column Lifetimes


● Easy Selfpacking and Repacking


● Truly Mobile dynamic axial compression (DAC) Columns


● Highly economic


1 inch Spring Columns

2 inch Spring Columns

4 inch Spring Columns

The Spring® column system has a unique portable design with patented internal dynamic axial compression (DAC) technology that gives DAC performance independently from the external packing device. DAC eliminates voids and increases peak symmetry, column lifetime, reproducibility, and overall eficiency. Spring® columns packed with Reprosil® or Reprospher® media provide a highly effective purification solution.

The Spring® column’s mobile, internal DAC system compensates for voids formed by bed settling, extending column lifetime and improving performance without an external power source.


The proprietary and patented Spring® column mechanism provides constant pressure on the packed bed. This prevents void formation that occures when the bed settles after packing. The ease of use, gentle packing mechanism, and the constant pressure on the packed bed make it possible for a single user to pack even sensitive large pore media for protein and peptide separations and experience superior performance.



The Spring® mechanism in the column regulates the pressure level and compensates for the bed consolidation that is often observed under high flow conditions. The Spring® mechanism continually forces the piston onto the media bed so that, as the volume occupied by the media gradually decreases, the piston advances to eliminate void formation before it develops. The MODcol® Spring® column is able to maintain its performance for thousands of injections and thousands of hours of operation, well beyond the normal lifetime expectation for traditional columns.


The Spring® Column’s reliable performance reduces process down-time associated with premature column failure. For those who prefer to experience Spring® column technology with all of its advantages, but don’t
want to be bothered with column packing, Dr.Maisch also offers prepacked Spring® columns and repack services. MODcol® Spring® columns stand out on the market today as ready-to-use Dynamic Axial Compression Columns.
If you do not require frequent repacking of your column hardware — why worry about the packing process when you can directly access a portable and effective DAC column by calling Grace or your local Grace distributor?


The Flexibility of the Spring® Column Design Makes It Suitable for Any Media


Spring® columns can be optimized for media with 5μm or larger particles based on silica or polymer beads. This is made possible by a wide selection of springs having different force constants. Each is able to exercise just the right pressure for a particular type of media and flow rate. Spring® Columns can be purchased with an integral water jacket, making them ideal for use with separations that require careful temperature control.



A patented, internal spring mechanism provides constant pressure onto the packed bed even after it is removed from the packing unit. This enables column mobility without loosing the advantages of DAC. The gentle packing mechanism and the permanent, constant pressure on the packed bed result in higher performance of the column. Additionally, this higher performance can be maintained for a longer period of time to help reduce the overall costs of associated with purification.

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