Column Packing Service

The Customer is King!


We fullfill your needs,


                                 with our excellent column packing experience!


Dr. Maisch HPLC GmbH has extensive experience in column manufacture at both analytical and prep scale.

We have vast experience in packing all types of media and columns.


Additionally Dr. Maisch HPLC GmbH produces a wide range of in house silica's and bonding's to a very high standard to cater for any application.

We can also produce custom silica's and bonding's for unique applications.


Performance & Reproducibility


Dr.Maisch HPLC GmbH understands the importance of column to column reproducibility and are confident in the performance of our columns.

We invite any enquiry for any columns packed with any media at any scale we are the experts in silica engineering. 



Medias Availble

  • Silica or polymer-based phases
  • Functionalized chromatographic & ion exchange phases
  • Silica-based scavengers
  • Catalysts
  • an other medias


Batch Reservation Service


Dr.Maisch HPLC GmbH knows very well the importance of your column-to-column reproducibility of retention time and efficiency. Your needs are our top priotity and of absolute importance. We know that the demand for separations calls an extremely high standard and this is also our aim. Dr.Maisch HPLC GmbH offers a batch reservation service in house so we can avoid long lead times and any batch problems.

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