The Next Generation of Dynamic Axial Compression Columns

by Dr.Maisch HPLC GmbH

Easy self packing for 25mm, 30 mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm,101mm and 150mm ID HPLC columns


MultiPacker® packing station and Spring® columns can deliver improved performance, productivity, and safety.Unlike competitive systems, the column can be removed from the MultiPacker® packing station and the
DAC (Dynamic Axial Compression) mechanism remains contained within the column.

Spring Columns

The Spring® column system has a unique portable design with patented internal dynamic axial compression (DAC) technology that gives DAC performance independently from the external packing device.

The columns are suitable for HPLC and SFC.

Packing Service


Dr.Maisch HPLC GmbH offers a complete Repacking Service in any size with any media and any column.

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